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    Hello, I'm so pleased to be bringing you the Chameleon Dress Pattern and a variety of Sleeve Pattern Making Kits. Just in time, as I believe it’s the perfect design for the party season. I love making the pattern cutting process simple and fun for you and that's precisely what this combination of dress pattern and sleeve kit will deliver.




    The Chameleon dress offers an elegant, effortless style to build on. You can choose between any of the four statement Sleeve Kits (Victoriana, Morigami, Caldera and The Lantern), but as each sleeve is designed to fit seamlessly with the Chameleon dress pattern, you’ll probably want to grab them all!




    If you’re only familiar with patterns, and have never used a pattern-making kit before, don’t worry - I’ve got you covered. I’ve created a guide specially for you - The Little Black Dress series of online workshops - which are guaranteed to take any worry and confusion out of using a pattern-making kit.


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    Welcome to the PCD x Wini pattern cutting challenge


    Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear by Winifred Aldrich has been my go-to book for teaching the fundamentals of pattern cutting for several years. It’s very thorough and well-formatted and actually quite simple to follow. If you know a little bit about the subject, you could work through it by yourself.


    However, in this pattern cutting challenge, you and I will work through most of the book together, page by page, technique by technique.


    I bet you’re excited too, as this will be so much fun!




    However, there is a little bit more to this challenge as you’ll have the chance to get really involved.


    We’ll start by covering the basics - everything you need to know to get going with pattern cutting for woven fabrics and then stretch fabrics. This will include subjects like dart manipulation, darts in seams and darts in fullness. We’ll take a look at necklines, facings and sleeves before we move onto trousers.


    And this is where it gets really interesting.


    Although we’ll be covering basic techniques we’ll apply them to more contemporary garments. But only if you tell me what you want to do.


    What styles have you seen in fashion magazines that you would love to make but don’t know where to start?



    First, you’ll find content posted regularly on Instagram as a signature PCD speedy video and infographics. Then, at the end of each subject, you’ll get a longer, slower, annotated video posted on Youtube. You’ll also need to like PCD on FB and join the PCD FB group. Each month I’ll be doing a LIVE session. You can ask questions about the videos, the book and any fitting issues you might have. This is the place to submit your images of the contemporary garment you need help with.



    We’ll cover everything you need to know about pattern cutting in six months.



    The best way to do this is to have a dress block to hand and some paper that’s suitable for tracing and drawing on. Half-scale dress blocks in size 6 - 24 are available to purchase here. These are ideal as you’ll be able to follow the videos using a block in your correct size. You’ll make your patterns in half scale. To use them simply print at 200%. However, you can work with a full-scale dress block if you prefer. If you don’t have one yet you’ll find full-scale dress blocks in size 6 - 24 are available to purchase here. Any paper will do - just make sure it’s slightly transparent - brown paper, newspaper or paper from your fish and chips (only joking!). Otherwise, you can use PCD’s reusable and sewable trace and sew ‘paper’. It’s totally unique, as you can quickly stitch your pattern to check the fit, then unpick, and reuse the ‘paper’ again. Get your trace and sew ‘paper’ here.


    (All sales from the dress blocks and trace and sew ‘paper’ will support this new, free series.)


    The Little Black Dress Workshops

    Never used a pattern making kit before?

    No worries, I've got you covered

    with this step-by-step tutorial featuring the Chameleon Dress Pattern and Sleeves Kit


    With your Chameleon dress pattern and favourite Sleeve Kit in hand you'll have access to these online workshops which will be delivered straight to your inbox. They include step-by-step pattern making and sewing demonstrations so you can work through them at your own pace. And whenever you're creating I'll be there for you with extra support as your virtual guide. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced maker I guarantee there's something for you.


    This is how we'll work together:


    SESSION 1: Sew the Chameleon Dress (all levels) 14/12/2020


    SESSION 2: Make and sew the Victoriana sleeve pattern (beginners) 15/12/2020


    SESSION 3: Make and sew the Morigami sleeve pattern (intermediates) 16/12/2020


    SESSION 4: Make and sew the Caldera sleeve pattern (advanced) 17/12/2020


    SESSION 5: Make and sew The Lantern sleeve pattern (advanced) 18/12/2020

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    Don't forget you'll have lifetime access to the Little Black Dress workshops once you've purchased your CHAMELEON DRESS PATTERN and SLEEVE KIT.


    Shop Chameleon Dress Pattern & Sleeve Kits

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    Shop Limited Edition Chameleon Dress Pattern & Morigami Sleeve Kit

    Our Chameleon dress pattern and Morigami Sleeve Kit has been paired with beautiful vintage Aso Oke (top cloth) sourced from Nigeria. It's a narrow hand woven cloth with iridescent threads set against a matt base. It's on a limited edition run and available in the two colour ways below.


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    Chameleon Dress Pattern & Sleeve kits


    What ability is the dress pattern and the sleeves pattern making kit?
    The dress is perfect for beginners. We'd suggest familiarising yourself with your sewing machine before starting so you're able to do a straight stitch and zig zag stitch. The sleeves are a range of abilities. Work out your level of expertise and select the relevant option.


    Can I buy a kit for someone else?
    Absolutely. Order directly through the website and enter their name and address at shipping.


    What’s your size range?
    Our patterns range from 10 - 24 UK sizing. The Chameleon dress is versatile enough to fit any body shape and height.


    What fabric do I need?
    Any mid weight woven fabric will work. A contrasting heavier fabric for the sleeves could also be considered. A limited edition Chameleon Dress and Morigami Sleeve Kit set is available to buy with beautiful vintage Aso Oke fabric included.



    Are the workshops live?
    No, the beauty of these workshops is that they're self paced. We'll start the series from the 14th of December and you'll have lifetime access.


    What time of day will the workshops be available?
    They'll be available in the afternoon on the three days. Each day the video will last up to 25 minutes and the tasks will take you between 1 to 2 hours to do.

    Will there be any other workshops in the future?
    Yes! In January we'll be launching the series Can You Hack It using the Chameleon Dress pattern and the sleeve kits! Hacking existing patterns is a great way to learn pattern cutting skills.