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    Pattern Making Kit

    step-by-step pattern making, giving the artistic freedom to create contemporary design

  • Workshops

    WORKSHOPS for Beginners, Intermediate and Confident students

    "Those who can, teach; those who can't, learn"

    Our series of Autumn workshops are starting from October 2019. They will be held at the Oxo Tower in a large spacious workspace. It's well equipped with everything you could possibly need to complete your two day projects. Class sizes are small with only six students in attendance. This allows for plenty of one-to-one tuition from your pattern making tutor, Moni. She's determined that you leave the workshop with confidence and new skills to embark on future pattern making challenges.

  • Book both for yourself, or for you and a friend

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    Confident Cut & Spread™ Pattern Making Kit. TOPS
    Intermediate Cut & Spread™ Pattern Making Kit. TOPS
    Beginners Cut & Spread™ Pattern Making Kit. TOPS
    Cap & Cap Bell Sleeve Instruction Card
    Women's Dress/Bodice/Skirt Block (Sizes 6 - 20) & three sets of Half-Scale Blocks
    Cut & Spread™ Pattern Kit Confident WORKSHOP
    204.00 - 386.00
    Cut & Spread™ Pattern Kit Intermediate WORKSHOP
    204.00 - 386.00
    PAPTIC® Trace & Sew
    2.50 - 12.00
    Cut & Spread™ Pattern Kit Beginners WORKSHOP
    204.00 - 386.00
    Cut & Spread™ Pattern Making Kit. TOPS
  • Equipment

    Have you got these Four Basic Tools? Then you're ready to start using your kit


    Paper Cutting Scissors


    Pattern Master




    Flexible Tape Measure

  • Pattern Making Kit Tips

    What exactly is in the full kit?

    A dress block in sizes 6 - 20
    A half-scale block to practice with
    Six double sided cards with full instructions for 6 styles: 2 x Beginners, 2 x Intermediate, 2 x Confident

    plus 4 x sleeves
    PAPTIC® Trace & Sew paper
    Calico (to toile your pattern block)

    Is the Kit suitable for all abilities?

    The Kit is suitable for Beginners Level 1, Intermediates Level 2, and more Confident students Level 3

    Why does the full kit include instructions for all abilities?

    Everybody learns at a different pace and I felt it was important to provide a kit that enables self learning and differentiation. A beginner, with an interest in pattern cutting, will be able to follow our simplified instructions. They will then gain confidence and progress to the second item in the beginners section. Think of the designs and exercises as building blocks to confidence.

    What is a Pattern Block?

    These are the basic templates that are used to create dressmaking patterns. Our Blocks include a bodice front, back and a sleeve.

    Is it OK to cut up the block?

    Remember the NCUB rule. Never-Cut-Up-the-Block - as it's been designed for multiple use.

    Is the seam allowance included in the block patterns?

    No, you will add the seam and hem allowances once you have drafted your patterns from the block.

    What height person has the block been drafted for?

    The blocks have been drafted for a person who is 5 ft 7" (170 cm) tall.

    Is there an ease allowance in the blocks?

    There is an ease allowance in the blocks and the fit is slightly relaxed as opposed to figure hugging.

    What bra cup size do the blocks accommodate?

    The sample block size is a UK 10 with a C cup allowance. The additional sizes were then professionally graded. All of the styles that were made from the initial size 10 block fitted an A cup up to an E cup and have been designed to be a relaxed fit across the bust.

    What system do you use for the measurements in the kit?

    We use the metric system.

  • About

    Pattern Cutting Deconstructed

    Thanks for visiting my site

    As a child I taught myself to sew by watching my mum as she made clothes for me and my sisters. I was also obsessed with Vogue patterns, and spent many happy hours sewing garments on her Singer sewing machine. Thinking back to how I learned to sew - through simplified instructions, taught in a methodical manner, using inspiring patterns – I realised I wanted to provide an equivalent experience for someone learning how to make patterns.


    It is probably no surprise to you that pattern cutting was what I most looked forward to, during my degree in Fashion and Textiles. Draping on the stand and flat pattern cutting also made my heart skip a beat. The pattern cutting process was the highlight for me while creating garments for my own labels, and when I qualified as a teacher in 2012 I started my journey of lecturing on fashion courses at CSM, Morley College and the RCA. The pattern cutting courses I taught on were my favourite, but through lecturing from various pattern-cutting books I saw the flaws - overwhelming instructions, combined with basic designs. I couldn’t imagine anyone being thrilled by them.


    I adore conceptual garments, and clothes that are influenced by origami folds. Although my design ethos veers towards more is more, I don’t like clothes that consume the wearer. Yes, clothing has transformative qualities, but at the end of the day it should be clear who is wearing what!


    So I dreamed big: of step-by-step pattern making, giving the artistic freedom to create contemporary design, and Pattern Cutting Deconstructed was born and the Cut & Spread™ pattern making kits were developed.


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