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    At first, the frantic hamster-wheel pace was very appealing. But with time I began to think differently about what fashion meant to me. Why did I have to create multiple collections and dispose of so much every year? Why was ‘constant change’ better than ‘slow and steady’?


    This was the start of my journey as an educator, where I aspired to slow things down and share my creative knowledge and experience with a different audience.




    I believe students thrive when led by example, and that a tutor who works in industry, regularly publishes work, champions sustainable fashion and offers an interesting learning experience is fundamental to encouraging this. I freelance as a creative pattern cutter, of late at Alexander McQueen, write for online fashion magazines, and develop learning resources for fashion creatives.


    When I think of design it's from a different perspective. Now when I work, I ask myself "What can my students learn from this?” There is a purpose to the items I create which are used by makers who can sew but are hesitant to go further. Knowing that I can help them realise that pattern cutting doesn't have to involve complicated maths and lots of boring fiddling around makes me really happy.




    I would not have become an educator if I hadn't started out as a designer and discovered my passion for creative pattern cutting. Hearing from people who have been stopped dead in their tracks because they have used my kits and now have ideas AND the newfound powers to create them, is one of the best things to have come out of my spin in the fashion hamster wheel.

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    Freelance Pattern Cutting Services

    With over 20 years of industry experience,

    Pattern Cutting Deconstructed founder Monisola,

    offers brands first patterns & amendments right through to production-ready final patterns. She has worked with luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen as well as mid-market establishments such as Birdsong London and start-ups.



    About PCD

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    You might be a student who needs help with a university project, a home dressmaker who wants to alter your clothes or patterns, a tailor who wants to explore draping techniques, or you might simply be fascinated by the skill of pattern cutting for womenswear. Whatever your background, everyone, at all levels and stages, is welcome at PCD.




    Our kits are sold separately for beginners, intermediate and confident students, but there is also the option to buy a full kit which covers all the skill levels. There’ll be no delays to your progress as your skills increase day by day. You’ll be able to create your garment simply by following our clear written instructions and adjusting your block pattern to fit your size, from 6 - 24.




    While actions may speak louder than words, we think it’s even better when the two are combined. You’ll find our series of videos, which include step-by step actions and uncomplicated processes, are the key to unlocking your understanding of the techniques and calculations involved in creating well-constructed garments.




    The goal of PCD and our vision for you as our student is pretty straightforward. We want to take out the confusion, overwhelm, and constant fiddling around that many people associate with the pattern making process. We want you to get inspired: to create patterns using dart manipulation, geometric design lines, decorative front flaps and facings; to learn specialist draping techniques used by the famous fashion houses; to develop your skills to make plain and pleated sleeves and geometric stitched pleats. In fact, there’s so much more we have in mind and would be delighted to share with you.




    At PCD we are well aware of the negative impact of fast fashion, and hope to add to the many small actions taken by others to diminish any negative impact we have. But we don’t want to lose the magic and excitement that lies within fashion. We believe that by encouraging self-sufficiency in others - by teaching skills in pattern making and pattern hacking - we can help reduce the need to constantly consume fashion and purchase clothes every season. To further support our goals we offer our Basic Dress Block (and other patterns) to you as a download or a hard copy. Our environmentally friendly 'Trace & Sew' pattern cutting paper, is exclusive to PCD and can be sewn, unpicked and used again.

  • I'm a senior ladies wear designer and creative pattern cutter working

    in R-T-W luxury fashion. I've had my own label which sold in Paul Smith,

    Harrods and Browns in London, Barneys in New York and throughout Japan.

    I've won financial support from Evian and showcased for eight seasons at LFW.


    My work has featured in Vogue, ID, Face and the Sunday Times.

    I've worked with some famous houses including Giles Deacon

    and Alexander McQueen.


    My exceptional work ethic, professionalism, self belief and talent established

    over two decades have led to an exciting career. I specialise in ladies separates

    and handbags across a variety of styles and fabrications and my designs

    have been worn by Kate Winslett, David Bowie and Kate Moss, to name a few.

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