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Can I hack it? Yes I can

Hacking the Chameleon Dress to create The Lantern Sleeve inspired hem extension.

The versatile Chameleon Dress pattern was designed to be hacked. Using the shape of the lantern sleeve for inspiration I transformed the lower hem section of Dress Style C.  It features four exagerrated points that are softened with invisible stitching. Follow the instructions below to create the SLBD (Summer Little Black Dress) of your dreams. 

1. Cut out the A0 or the tiled A4 pattern.

2. Section C.

3. Remove the lower section C from the pattern.

4. Add a 1 cm seam allowance to the bottom of the dress pattern.

5. Section C.

6. Place a piece of paper under section C.

7. Draw the extension onto the paper following the measurements given in the illustration.

8. Tape the pattern onto the paper securely.

9. Cut out the extension.

10. Add a 1 cm seam allowance to the extension and the upper area of C.

11. Remove the side seam from the right side. Trace the extension and add to the other side of C, taping securely into position.

12. Add a 1 cm seam allowance to the extension on the right.

The finished hem allowance for the dress is 1 cm.

Please follow the sewing instructions for the lantern sleeve to mitre the four hem corners.

Find my sewing patterns here. They include QR coded video instructions to help you with the construction.

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